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Need a quick push to move your career forward? Work with Nicole! I'm now able to solve problems with confidence. This is the real deal!

This programme has put me into a better professional position and I've improved my leadership and personal skills quite a lot. The applicability and the results are real!
M. F. (Spain)
Regulatory Expert

Stop being overlooked!

You could have—should have—a great career.

But instead you’re…

… passed over for that next promotion again and again.

… hearing “next time” when the lead is chosen on the juicy projects you want

… thinking “Can anyone hear me? Is this thing on?” and wondering what’s the point of speaking up anymore.

But no more...

If you can (literally) do rocket science, then you can build your dream career.

It’s possible to stand out with confidence in your career. Build a network of raving fans in your company. Consistently asked to join other people’s teams. And create your dream career based on the extraordinary results you deliver (not because you were the pushiest).

Nicole helped me find specific strategies within myself that got me excited about projects I’d been dreading.

I was stuck in my own quicksand. I wasn’t meeting the deadlines I gave myself, and my work energy was fading fast everyday—like a Sunday newspaper left outside past noon. Then Nicole came to my rescue! I realized what I needed to do to get in the creative flow and stay there. By getting unstuck in my work (and in my head), now I'm taking giant steps forward on projects I’d been putting off. And I’m having fun doing them! This was one of the best investments I’ve made in my career. Thank you, Nicole! You’re my new caffeine.
Melissa Almon (USA)
Cowgirl Copy Studio

Nicole helped me change my mindset quickly. She always has the answer. Always has the tools. I'm so much happier now!

I realised that I don’t need a straight career to be satisfied – I just need to look out and ask proactively for the projects I am interested in. If I find myself struggling again, Nicole is going to be my first point of contact.
Nadja S. (Germany)
Packaging Development Engineer

Hello, I’m Dr. Nicole Tschierske.

Consider me your positive psychology coach obsessed with helping women in science and tech – like you – get noticed in your company, gain the recognition you deserve and achieve your next career level with total ease.

I’m also a fan of Mary Poppins and did all sorts of odd side-jobs during my PhD studies (including being a DJ and teaching science to kids).

You may know me from:

I help women in science and tech reach their next career level with absolute ease.

(like these women – and men – before you)

Nicole gave me the nudge to break limiting thought patterns and to see my strengths more clearly

What helped me in particular was that we worked out practical steps that I could implement directly.
J.B. (Germany)
Entrepreneur Graphic Design

Nicole can really engage you in the topics - even the ones that need to be handled with care.

She's very good at identifying opportunities and converting them into tangible action.
Steven (Germany)
Manager Quality Assurance

Nicole puts her own spin on conventional topics to ensure you really get something out of it.

She offers a great service and understands how to tailor the sessions to you. It's a pleasure to work with her (plus she's always extremely organised and professional).
Laura (UK)
Development Manager

She adapts to what the mindset needs which makes the sessions a complete success.

With Nicole you get great preparation and guidance when working together.
Sönke (Germany)
Programme Manager Coding & Tracking

Want to be the lead on that next project? 

Finally make sure your points are addressed in the meeting? 

(without you having to change your vocal pitch?)

Get my spot-on positive psychology coaching, and kind (but firm!)

nudge outside your comfort zone. (Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to “network”.) 

 Sounds like what you need? 

Let’s talk about you joining the JumpStart program.

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