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Upcoming events

Free online mini-workshop:

5 Strategies for more positive performance appraisals on 8th October.

What you’ll learn:

  • what you need to do to put your employee’s brain into learning mode
  • how to bring out the best in your employee by tapping into their natural strengths
  • what it takes to motivate your employee without stretching the budget
  • how to set goals that work better than SMART ones
  • which feedback is truly sparking a virtuous cycle

Want some reading upfront? Click here to read “Why Are We Still Doing Medieval Performance Reviews?​”

Meetup in Hamburg:

Mitarbeitergespräche positiver gestalten: 5 Wege aus der Positiven Psychologie am 23. Oktober in Hamburg

Mitarbeitergespräche können hilfreich sein oder manchmal auch als „notwendiges Übel“ abgehakt werden.
Damit sowohl der Chef, als auch der Mitarbeiter etwas davon haben, können in den 1:1 Gesprächen ein paar Methoden aus der Positiven Psychologie genutzt werden.

In diesem Mini-Workshop lernst du

  • Was du tun musst, um deinen Mitarbeiter in den „Lernmodus“ zu versetzen
  • Wie du das Beste in deinen Mitarbeitern förderst, indem du auf Stärken setzt
  • Wie du deine Mitarbeiter motivieren kannst, ohne auf ein großes Budget angewiesen zu sein
  • Wie du Ziele setzt, die wirken statt einfach nur SMART zu sein
  • Welches Feedback wirklich zu einer Aufwärtsspirale verhilft

I asked Nicole to attend my manager’s meeting to run a session on wellbeing. The meeting comprised of scientists, many of whom are usually quite sceptical to such topics! However, from the start of the session Nicole was able to get everyone on board. She put her own spin on it, and ensured that everyone was able to get something out of it.

Rather than focus on the usual aspects of wellbeing, Nicole tailored the session to the team. This allowed each person to discover their individual personal strengths and how to use them for wellbeing. I cannot wait to put some of the many ‘Aha’ moments I experienced into practice.

I am always confident in Nicole’s ability to deliver. She offers a great service and understands how to tailor the sessions to individual needs. This, and her great interpersonal skills, makes it a pleasure to work with her. She is always extremely organised and professional. I know if Nicole is running a session for me or the team, we are in good hands!

Development Manager, Bristol
May 2019

Due to new responsibilities of the department, the team structure, as well as the people in my team have changed significantly. By having a team coaching I wanted the team to get from being a group of people to becoming an engaged team. I wanted them to understand each other’s challenges and offer improvement ideas beyond their expertise and comfort zone.

By spending the right amount of time in preparing the team coaching and aligning the important elements, Nicole was able to maximize the our value of the session. Next to Nicole’s ability to enthusiastically engage the team to participate in topics which need to be handled with care, she is very good in pinpointing opportunities to convert them into tangible action.

Since the team coaching my team takes more time to listen to each other and share difficulties, because they know it’s a safe space. We also agreed some rules and hold each other accountable, which helps us to learn together.

Manager Quality, Hamburg
May 2019

Nicole's trusting and open nature has made it easy for me to feel comfortable and open to her from the beginning. She is focussed, never judgmental and asks exactly the right questions. Her patience and knowledge of human nature have made it clear to me where my insecurities are and how I can dissolve them. She gave me the nudge to break limiting thought patterns and to see my strengths more clearly. What helped me in particular was that we worked out practical steps that I could implement directly. Thank you for your help!

J. B.
Entrepreneur, Hamburg
November 2018
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