1:1 Coaching

Does this sound like you?

My team isn’t doing what I want.

“How can I work well with others so I get a good response? I often have to use hierarchy or even going over people’s heads to get the work done. Not everyone thinks like a scientist, there often is a political agenda.”

“I took over a team that had a boss in the past who didn’t care much. Now they are used to so many bad habits and I don’t know what to do. Some of them are slow, unwilling, demotivated. They even ignore my decisions and the priorities I set. I’m annoyed and frustrated, because they’re taking up all the time I could spend on actually doing the work. And to top it off, it’s starting to demotivate the rest of the team.”

I have to work with limited information on topics I’m no expert in.

“I don’t feel qualified unless I know every aspect of the topic I’m working on. Now I took over a team who are bigger experts than I am. That feels uncomfortable. I can’t win an argument. And I get conflicting information from my boss and my peers as well. It’s stressful, I don’t know where to get the answers from.”

“I can’t rely on a plan. How can I lead my team if the company keeps changing direction? With this ambiguity things can completely change from one minute to the other. It’s hard. I don’t know what we’re working towards.”

I feel like I’m doing a bad job.

“There are so many things to keep in mind as a leader. All of a sudden everyone’s eyes are on you and the smallest things have an impact. Often I’m not even aware of the impact my actions have on others. No one is telling me my blind spots. It feels like I’m doing a bad job, like I’m not a good leader.”

“No one prepares you for the tough stuff. Telling someone they’re underperforming and giving negative feedback is hard. How can I stay authentic and true to myself and still get my team to pull their weight?”

I’m not making the progress I want.

“We have a million things to do. And everyone is trotting along. I don’t know how I can motivate my team and give them the inspiration they need. How can I make them want to follow me?”

“I’ve been in my position for years and everyone always tells me what a valuable team member I am and that I’m doing a great job. But when it comes to making the next step and being rewarded there’s always an excuse. What do I have to do progress in my career?”

My boss makes my life difficult.

“My boss thinks twice as fast as I do. It’s like he doesn’t listen and knows best all the time. I have the feeling that I can’t meet expectations and my stock is going down. I’m very demotivated. Like I don’t belong to the team anymore. But I can’t talk to him, because I’m afraid it’ll affect my rating and his perception of me.”

“I have to check with my boss for even the smallest decisions. Everything needs to be aligned and I really feel micromanaged. This is annoying. I don’t know if there’s a political agenda I’m not seeing or if I’m not trustworthy.”

You’ve come to the right place if…

Your gut feel and intuition hit a limit.

The trial-and-error technique is very effortless, feels authentic and sustainable. But sometimes it goes wrong and the mistakes you make cause frustrations in your team. You noticed that empathy isn’t everything and you’re fresh out of ideas when brainstorming with yourself.

Advice from mentors and colleagues doesn’t do the trick anymore.

It’s very convenient and quick to go ask others in your company for advice. And often they can help you with their experience and because they know the people around you. But they always seem to give the same advice and you’re in need for something fresh. Sometimes you even ask the wrong person and suffer the consequences.

You struggle to apply what you learned in leadership trainings and through e-learning.

E-learning and leadership trainings are good to teach the theoretical background. And often you find some golden nuggets of wisdom in there. But besides taking a lot of time out of your day job, not everything you learn there is useful or applicable to your specific situation. You feel like you have a hard time translating the concepts to real life. Or you flat out forget what you learned the minute you’re back in daily business.

1:1 Coaching is perfect for you, if you want to…

  • have more time to focus on the important things – like doing your job and working on your career development.
  • feel accomplished and be the go-to person in your area.
  • be efficient and in a better mood
  • feel confident working with limited information and knowledge and still maximise the value you bring.
  • have more headspace for important things. Like being present with your family and obsessing about nice things over breakfast for a change.
  • be proud knowing you belong to the team and add lots of value.
  • be a good people leader and enjoy seeing your team motivated and happy because of it.

We’ll work well together, if…

You like to experiment

Solving complex problems is rarely a straight line. You’re willing to try new things and continue to test and learn? Excellent. The solutions to people related topics are as individual as the people we’re talking about.

You’re ready & willing to do the work

Without action coaching will only be a nice chat. You can invest all your money and time, but you won’t learn unless you start doing the work. Not to worry though, I’ll make it as easy for you as I can: practical and busy-proof steps, clear action plans, tools and fresh ideas…

You’re not afraid to look for what’s true and what your contribution is

True progress only comes when we are honest with ourselves. If you’re done blaming other people and the universe, put on your seatbelt. You’re about to get to know yourself and your blind spots a lot better.

You want a coach that’ll challenge you and call you on your BS

The easy way out usually leads right back in. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you and to tap into your full potential, I’ll be there to push and nudge and cheer you on. I’ll also be your accountability buddy, making sure you stay on track even when workload triples and you “don’t feel like it today”.

You’re in it because you care more about people than climbing the corporate ladder

If you want to get good at rhetoric and know how to crack human code, you’re in the wrong place. I also won’t help you using others as stepping stones to the top. In the same way, I’m here to help you be you and not to make you fit in a corporate mould.

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What others say

Nicole's trusting and open nature has made it easy for me to feel comfortable and open to her from the beginning. She is focussed, never judgmental and asks exactly the right questions. Her patience and knowledge of human nature have made it clear to me where my insecurities are and how I can dissolve them. She gave me the nudge to break limiting thought patterns and to see my strengths more clearly. What helped me in particular was that we worked out practical steps that I could implement directly. Thank you for your help!

Entrepreneur, Hamburg
November 2018

How it works.

How much time do we need?

This is hard to say without knowing your situation. Do you need a quick new perspective or a complete work-live makeover? For most situations four coaching sessions are best. Other times you may want to spend just an hour brainstorming.

How does it work?

You can book and pay for your coaching calls online. One coaching session takes 60 minutes and we’ll do them via Zoom video calls. If you’re around Hamburg, let me know and we can also meet in person.

What if I’m not sure this is right for me?

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