Hi, I'm Nicole.

I help determined self-starters to DIY business transformation so they can create the positive change they want to see.

Do you often think "this could be done better" or feel like "I'm stuck in corporate"?

I hear these words from many people all the time:
  • They tell me they are blocked by peers and managers.
  • They can’t seem to make progress with their initiatives.
  • They feel overlooked and overheard when speaking up about what matters.
  • They doubt they can make a change without being CEO or convincing half the company.
Can you relate? Then you may be a positive game changer.

As a positive game changer, you're a high-achiever who also wants improve the work environment around you.

You’re driven to make an impact. But because you put all your heart and soul into it and care more deeply than others, you’re more susceptible to disappointment, disillusion and frustration.
This combination of wanting to add value and inspiring change can be tricky. And it makes many workplace situations – because you don’t accept the status quo – ever so challenging.
The good news is that your ambition, together with a strong resilience and grounded confidence, can make you one of the most valuable assets of your company.
With the right mindset, tools to manage your brain and a strong network of allies, you can become unstoppable.
The key is learning how to access your strengths, patience and perseverance.

We live in the world our questions create.

David Cooperrider

Changing My Game

The first part of my life, I was puzzled by people and loved natural sciences. I revelled in exploring the wonders of nature, graduated from university while teaching chemistry to engineers and got a PhD from Dresden University of Technology having studied cosmetic products.
I went on to work in product innovation in the consumer goods industry and it looked and felt like this is it. It’s what makes me come alive and what energises me. Though soon enough my appetite for making an impact grew – especially when it came to the topic how we work together in a company.
It took a lot for me to follow this urge: Strong case of bore-out for 18 months, unable to remove blockers, find the energy to move anything and many tears of frustration and despair. The dread of feeling like this for the remaining 40 years of worklife eventually propelled me into action.
I changed jobs and got training in coaching, positive psychology and change management. Equipped with this knowledge and my newfound interest in the inner workings of people I now use every opportunity I have to create positive change in the work world.

DIY Business Transformation

I’m not delusional. Creating change in business and the world does not happen in the blink of an eye. And being one tiny part of a huge organisation adds more challenges. But that’s not a good enough reason for not trying.
I believe that everyone can figure out a way to inspire the change they want to see in the world. No time? Too difficult? Don’t know how? HR policy to rigid? Culture too toxic? Those aren’t good reasons either. In fact, to me those are excuses. Excuses not to act, not to contribute, but to blame and complain.
I believe that with the right knowledge, mindset and allies in our network, we can trigger change and ripple effects can be unexpected.
Are you dreaming of a more thriving workplace? Your DYI business transformation can start today – with you. I’ll help you overcome self-doubt and obstacles so you can create the change you want to see.

We're a match if you

  • like to work quickly to develop unconventional solutions.
  • want fresh interpretations of the same old thing.
  • can’t wait to tweak the game and change the rules.
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  • certified Professional of Positive Psychology
  • Positive Leadership PERMA-Lead Certified
  • Personal- and Business Coach
  • Certified Team Coach and Business Facilitator
  • Prosci Change Practitioner, certified Change Manager
  • Lean Competency System Level 1c certified (Green Belt)
  • Advanced Problem Solving (Kepner-Tregoe)

you unstoppable

You can easily become unstoppable – get the workbook that covers it all: goals, strengths, mindset and action!