“How does that mind-reading trick work?” and other FAQs

1. Who are you?

I’m Nicole, a trained coach and professional in Positive Psychology. But I’m also a scientist (I studied food chemistry and hold a PhD in chemistry). That means I love – and am good at – critical thinking, analysing problems and finding solutions. The years I spent developing innovative products taught me to not only get knowledge, but how to make it useable. That’s my motto: into action!

2. What do you do?

I coach leaders and teams to help them make their team work. It’s important to me that you and your team feel good so you can do well at work. That’s why I always keep the emotional side and relationships in mind. The same way I ensure results and good performance.

3. How does it work?

Coaching is like a catalyst. It lowers the energy you need in order get over the hump. Usually it feels like having a chat, though some questions might need you to think a bit harder. Coaching gives you the tools to lead your team well and to practice for real-life situations. All the while remaining authentic and true to yourself.

I’ll give you advice and teach you concepts where needed – but you’re in charge. It’ll be always up to you what we talk about and which next steps to take.

4. Did you always know how to ‘get’ people?

Nope, I didn’t. In fact, people used to be a big mystery to me. Thanks to digging into all topics psychology though, I now get what’s going on and what I can do to make it better.

5. How is your coaching different from other leadership trainings?

Often leadership trainings come in big modules that eat up at least a day. This is different for the coaching calls. They only take 60 minutes per call and they take place over a period of time, so you have a few test-and-learn cycles.

Also, even though the concepts taught in leadership trainings are often useful, you don’t know how to use them unless you practice. And that’s where coaching can help you. It provides a good mirror, an opportunity to reflect. And to squeeze my brain until you know exactly what to do.

6. I don’t have a team (yet). Can you help me with my topic?

Absolutely. I consider anyone a leader who has to “make other people do things”. This might be in a project or during a meeting. In fact, leading others (or your boss) without positional power can be just as challenging. You can’t simply say “Because I’m the boss, that’s why.”

7. I work well with my team – but we’re still stuck. Why, and can you help us move forward?

Teams are complex systems. So many things going on – some of which you can see, others not. That means often times it’s the best to get everyone in the same room and work together. Team Coaching is a tried and tested strategy. People leave the day giving it a thumbs up and with a positive outlook.

8. How does that mind-reading trick work?

It doesn’t, but thankfully, we can ask people. Having an honest conversation is the most underrated instrument in the leadership toolbox. And yes, you can learn what questions to ask.

9. What if I can’t afford your coaching?

I’m very committed to make personal development accessible for everyone. That’s why I offer a discount for my coaching on the social platform Fair Coachings. This is for those with a small budget, for example students, apprentices, unemployed, single parents and others. Does this apply to your situation? The go to www.fair-coachings.de and sign up.

10. I want to work with you. What do I do next?

You can book your coaching session here:

If in doubt or you have any questions, email me!

Fair Coachings

Persönlichkeitsentwicklung für alle zugänglich zu machen – dafür engagiere ich mich.
Auf der sozialen Coachingplattform Fair Coachings gebe ich eine Rabatt auf mein Coachingangebot für Menschen, die ein geringes Budget haben. Zum Beispiel Studierende, Auszubildende, Arbeitslose, Alleinerziehende und alle anderen, die ein schmales Budget haben. Du gehörst auch dazu? Dann schau vorbei auf www.fair-coachings.de und melde dich an!


  • Trained Leadership Coach
  • Certified Team Coach and Business Facilitator
  • Certified Change Manager
  • Lean Competency System Level 1c