I’m Nicole, a trained coach and professional in Positive Psychology. But I’m also a scientist (I studied food chemistry and hold a PhD in chemistry).

I enjoy experimenting and reinterpreting the status quo. 

Let’s tweak the game & change the rules!

I coach scientist leaders and teams to help them make their team work.

If you’re stuck with same-old-same-old and looking for unconventional and creative solutions, we should have a chat. We’ll enjoy working together if you are ambitious and results-oriented. I’ll help you to generate a lot of ideas, choose the right ones and implement them with attention to detail.

Here’s how I can support you best:

  • quickly solve problems with fresh solutions.
  • generate ideas that surprise with a new perspective.
  • thwart tradition and push to innovate.
  • bring new ideas and help execute them to a high standard.
  • seek new options and envision ways to improve and upgrade.
  • spot opportunity and turn it into success.

Coaching is like a catalyst. It lowers the energy you need in order get over the hump. Usually it feels like having a chat, though some questions might need you to think a bit harder. Coaching gives you the tools to lead your team well and to practice for real-life situations. All the while remaining authentic and true to yourself.

I’ll give you advice and teach you concepts where needed – but you’re in charge. It’ll be always up to you what we talk about and which next steps to take.

People used to puzzle me. Now I find them fascinating.

“Did you always know how to ‘get’ people?” Nope, I didn’t. In fact, people used to be a big mystery to me. Thanks to digging into all topics psychology though, I now get what’s going on and what I can do to make it better.

There’s no mind-reading trick either, but thankfully, we can ask people. Having an honest conversation is the most underrated instrument in the leadership toolbox. And yes, you can learn what questions to ask.

We’re a match, if...

You like to experiment

Solving complex problems is rarely a straight line. You’re willing to try new things and continue to test and learn? Excellent. The solutions to people related topics are as individual as the people we’re talking about.

You’re ready & willing to do the work

The easy way out usually leads right back in. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you and to tap into your full potential, I’ll be there to push and nudge and cheer you on. I’ll also be your accountability buddy, making sure you stay on track even when workload triples and you “don’t feel like it today”.

You’re not afraid to look for what’s true and what your contribution is

True progress only comes when we are honest with ourselves. If you’re done blaming other people and the universe, put on your seatbelt. You’re about to get to know yourself and your blind spots a lot better.

(And I’ll happily challenge you and call you on your BS where needed.)

You’re in it because you care more about people than climbing the corporate ladder

If you want to get good at rhetoric and know how to crack human code, you’re in the wrong place. I also won’t help you using others as stepping stones to the top. In the same way, I’m here to help you be you and not to make you fit in a corporate mould.

Let's work together!


  • certified Professional of Positive Psychology
  • Positive Leadership PERMA-Lead Certified
  • Personal- and Business Coach
  • Certified Team Coach and Business Facilitator
  • Prosci Change Practitioner, certified Change Manager