You're an ambitious woman of science and tech.

(and you're ready for the world to know it too)

Learn how to get noticed so you’re the go-to expert and snag your next promotion with total ease because…

You know your subject better than anyone and you work harder than your colleagues.

It’s time to claim your seat in the boardroom.

No more moments of…

“Hey, aren’t you so and so’s assistant?” Or hearing that a cool project handed to a co-worker—even though you’re more qualified. And not getting that 1:1 time you need with your boss to help you shoot up the ranks even though you’re doing hard and valuable work (and even took that seminar on leadership!)

I get it. I've been there.

Getting passed over for promotions. 

Valuable work being ignored—while others gain praise.

Being called “too junior“.

Hi, I'm Dr. Nicole Tschierske!

Scientist-turned-coach helping women in science and tech get noticed in their company and gain the recognition they deserve, so they can achieve their next career level with total ease.

In the past, I felt overlooked at my job. I kept asking (begging!) for bigger opportunities and it got me nowhere.

Then, after the company restructured, I landed in a role where I had nothing to do for about 18 months—I even wanted to return my salary because I felt I didn’t deserve it.

One day I looked out my office window—bored and drained of all energy. I decided I couldn’t handle it anymore. I finally went to get help from a coach.

Within 4 sessions he helped me find back my drive, fire and self-worth which spurred an energy and determination that had me land my dream job in the company within the next 6 months. (And yes, I wrote the job description myself!)

I knew then and there that I wanted to be able to do the same kind of magic for other women in STEM. A few months and several coaching certifications later – here I am, helping you.

Nicole helped me find specific strategies within myself that got me excited about projects I’d been dreading.

I was stuck in my own quicksand. I wasn’t meeting the deadlines I gave myself, and my work energy was fading fast everyday—like a Sunday newspaper left outside past noon. Then Nicole came to my rescue! I realized what I needed to do to get in the creative flow and stay there. By getting unstuck in my work (and in my head), now I'm taking giant steps forward on projects I’d been putting off. And I’m having fun doing them! This was one of the best investments I’ve made in my career. Thank you, Nicole! You’re my new caffeine.
Melissa Almon (USA)
Cowgirl Copy Studio

Nicole helped me change my mindset quickly. She always has the answer. Always has the tools. I'm so much happier now!

I realised that I don’t need a straight career to be satisfied – I just need to look out and ask proactively for the projects I am interested in. If I find myself struggling again, Nicole is going to be my first point of contact.
Nadja S. (Germany)
Packaging Development Engineer

Few more things
you should know about me...

Born and raised in East Germany—which I think is the main reason for my figure-it-out-and-get-it-done attitude.

I love teaching! I first taught science to my imaginary school class in elementary school; then worked up to “real” kids and engineering students.

I’ve worked all kinds of side-jobs and got to appreciate the unique strengths and knowledge people from all walks of life have.

(I’ve done the paper route, packaged products on the shop floor, tutored students in STEM subjects, been a DJ and a bartender and spent plenty of hours in labs synthesizing, analysing and cleaning stuff up.)

I studied food chemistry (here’s me celebrating finishing my diploma) and hold a PhD in chemistry. I’ve always worked in the industry – in product innovation and research.

I like being out in nature, spending time with friends and family and getting mesmerised by Mary Poppins. 

And I love the little dopamine hits my brain gets when reading books and articles and learning something new.


Dr. Nicole Tschierske is a scientist and positive psychology coach who helps women in science and tech use their head and heart to get seen and noticed in their company so attract their next opportunity with total ease.

She’s helped her clients improve their leadership and personal skills so their employers start saying “we need you on this job!”. Nicole helps her clients get the recognition they want, just like when she helped her client Nadja stand out more in her team and get on the projects she desired. 

Nicole lives in Hamburg, Germany, is a food chemist by training and holds a PhD in chemistry next to certifications in coaching, positive psychology, change management and advanced problem-solving.

When she’s not buried in research papers and books on Positive Psychology and Positive Leadership you can find this scientist-turned-coach taking long hikes in the German countryside or mesmerised by Mary Poppins on the screen.


Qualifications include

– certified Professional of Positive Psychology

– Positive Leadership PERMA-Lead Certified

– Personal- and Business Coach
Certified Team Coach and Business Facilitator

– Prosci Change Practitioner, certified Change Manager

– Lean Competency System Level 1c certified (Green Belt)

– Advanced Problem Solving (Kepner-Tregoe)

© 2021 Dr. Nicole Tschierske