Hi, I'm Nicole.

I help scientists and other technical experts, operational teams and first-line leaders kick ass and make magic.

I started Into Action Coaching to help leaders and teams in the science and tech fields thrive at work.

Here’s what I hear from technical experts all the time:
  • I’m feeling uncomfortable unless I know every aspect of the topic and so I hold back in meetings.
  • I don’t know how to motivate my team and help them develop.
  • With all the firefighting and problems at work, I feel I’m not adding enough value. I have not time to plan ahead.
  • I cringe at the thought of networking and struggle with navigating all the political agendas.
Can you relate?

I've spent the last years in product innovation, research and supply chain. I get your challenges.

People like us are driven to make an impact. But because we put all our heart and soul into our work, we might be more susceptible to disappointment, disillusion and frustration when it comes to “the people stuff”.
Sounds familiar?
  • The project you worked so hard on gets cancelled last minute.
  • Seems like every day the company changes direction – how can we keep up?
  • The “creatives” and “marketing people” just don’t get why our work is important.
  • It’s like change never stops – new processes, new systems, new everything.
This combination of wanting to add value and getting lost in the day-to-day craziness of business can be tricky. And it makes many workplace situations ever so challenging.
The good news is that your ambition, together with a strong expertise and passion for your field, can make you one of the most valuable assets of your company.
With the right mindset, tools to manage your brain and a strong network of allies, you can become unstoppable. And you can make your team work, too.
The key is learning how to access your strengths, patience and perseverance and build the structure to support you.

"this was really above and beyond the call of duty!"

said a thankful client

Some personal stuff...

The first part of my life, I was puzzled by people and loved natural sciences. I revelled in exploring the wonders of nature, graduated from university while teaching chemistry to engineers and got a PhD from Dresden University of Technology having studied cosmetic products.
I went on to work in product innovation in the consumer goods industry and it looked and felt like this is it. It’s what makes me come alive and what energises me. Though soon enough my appetite for making an impact grew – especially when it came to the topic how we work together in a company. And the recognition technical experts get for helping their companies succeed.
It took a lot for me to follow this urge: Strong case of bore-out for 18 months, unable to remove blockers, find the energy to move anything and many tears of frustration and despair. The dread of feeling like this for the remaining 40 years of worklife eventually propelled me into action.
I changed jobs and got training in coaching, positive psychology and change management. Equipped with this knowledge and my newfound interest in the inner workings of people I now use every opportunity I have to make teams work.

I work with scientists, technical experts, operational teams and first-line leaders.

Let’s work together if you want to
  • share your genius and knowledge within your company regularly and dependably, so you build trust and are asked to participate in important projects
  • be sought-after, so key stakeholders come to you ready to take all the advice you have to offer
  • solve people problems using all your analytical skills and scientifically trained thinking power
  • become an effective and confident leader of your team so their great performance reflects back on you.

We're a match if you're ambitious and results-oriented.

I’ll help you to generate a lot of ideas, choose the right ones and implement them with attention to detail.
Or as one client said: 

"after talking to you I always have the feeling I can do anything."

Here’s what you can expect from me:
  • A quick mind to develop unconventional solutions and fresh interpretations of the same  old thing.
  • An uncanny ability to spot opportunity and turn it into success. Where possible I tweak the game and change the rules.
  • Inspiration to look ahead, think boldly and lots of enthusiasm.

About Dr. Nicole Tschierske

Dr. Nicole Tschierske is a trained coach and professional in Positive Psychology. She’s a scientist at heart and holds a PhD in chemistry. Nicole worked in product innovation where several of her consumer goods developments have been launched in Europe and beyond. 
Since 2017 she leads the change management aspects of a global supply chain transformation project. Nicole also works with operational teams using Lean principles and ninja-level problem solving to improve their ways of working.
Through one-on-one and team coaching Nicole helps scientists and other technical experts, operational teams and first-line leaders kick ass and make magic.


  • certified Professional of Positive Psychology
  • Positive Leadership PERMA-Lead Certified
  • Personal- and Business Coach
  • Certified Team Coach and Business Facilitator
  • Prosci Change Practitioner, certified Change Manager
  • Lean Competency System Level 1c certified (Green Belt)
  • Advanced Problem Solving (Kepner-Tregoe)