Amplified Career Academy

Your Path to an “I Can’t Believe I Get Paid for This” Career

The 6-month career coaching and mentorship program for women in science, tech and engineering.

with Positive Psychology Coach (and fellow scientist)
Dr. Nicole Tschierske

Need a quick push to move your career forward? Work with Nicole! I'm now able to solve problems with confidence. This is the real deal!

This programme has put me into a better professional position and I've improved my leadership and personal skills quite a lot. The applicability and the results are real!
M. F. (Spain)
Regulatory Expert

As a woman in science, tech and engineering you want a:

  • career where you can do what you do best each day and confidently show your technical expertise, grab endorsement for your ideas and be recognised for the value you bring.
  • work climate that’s collaborative and supportive—with senior managers that understand the unique contribution you make and sponsor your career.
  • team where you feel like you belong and that’s inspired by your vision and shares the workload.

But right now you're:

  • Unsure what your career path is (hmmm, do I want to be an expert project lead or manage a team) and feel pressured in a certain direction and forced into the company mold.
  • Letting imposter syndrome creep in and feeling unqualified unless you know every aspect of the topic at hand. 
  • Feeling like the secretary in meetings rather than driving the agenda to make meaningful progress and have your ideas heard.
  • Not sure how to understand people and get a good response from the team. (sometimes they even ignore what you say and decide) —and are frustrated with navigating all the political agendas in middle management.
  • Ready to take on big roles and projects in your company, but not sure how to get the recognition to get there. 

Enough of that!

Here’s the roadmap for women in STEM to get the recognition they deserve and create their dream career

(without having to ‘network’)

Inside this 6-month career coaching and mentorship program you’ll uncover how to get noticed in your company, create your next career opportunity 

… and grab it with total ease

How to amplify your STEM career

... in less time than getting a PhD

Hey, I’m Dr. Nicole Tschierske!

(never mind how to pronounce that last name)

Here’s what I know about you:

The reason you’re feeling overlooked and undervalued has nothing to do with lack of expertise or substandard work.

(Because I know you are a brilliant, creative, hard-working expert in your field!)

You’ve just been missing the tools, strategies and transferable skills to thrive at work, get noticed in your company and magnetically attract your next big career opportunity.

Here’s how I created my own dream role (and snagged a sizeable raise on the way)

I remember sitting in my office, nothing on my desk, all tabs closed and staring out the window. I wanted to give back my salary because I felt I hadn’t earned it. (The company had made an acquisition. Projects were stopped, the new organisational set up had teams competing for work – there was nothing but unchallenging back office tasks to do for me.)

After months of nothing to do at work, I developed a severe case of bore-out.

After a day of doing nothing at work I fell onto the couch exhausted. Anything routine became unbearable. (What do you mean it’s Sunday again?) I never felt so overlooked and underused.

“No more of this. Life’s too short to sit around and waste my life and career,” I finally said and hired a coach.

Within four sessions I had my energy back. Started to actively engage and ask for what I want in the company. I seized every opportunity I got to learn new skills, help out in other departments and demonstrate the value I could bring to a team.

Fast forward six months: I created my big opportunity.

I’d done the work and knew what I wanted to do each day, the kind of work and service the company required and who to talk to to be considered for the role.

I literally wrote my own job description and told my employer: “This is what I want to do—and what your department needs.” 

The company then created this new position for me and gave me a 6% raise. 

But it’s not just about the money. 

It’s coming to work each day 

…it’s like a playground and I can’t believe I get paid for this!

Now I want to help you do the same!

Amplified Career Academy is for you because you want to

  • Feel confident and competent—no matter how many deadlines shift or if senior managers show up in your next meeting unannounced.
  • Have co-workers take notice and recognise the outstanding work you do on that big project
  • Demonstrate your leadership potential and invaluable expertise so everyone knows you’re a necessity to  the company, not a nice-to-have.

I’m taking on a handful of women EXCITED to create the STEM career they always wanted.

You could be one of them.

Nicole helped me find specific strategies within myself that got me excited about projects I’d been dreading.

I was stuck in my own quicksand. I wasn’t meeting the deadlines I gave myself, and my work energy was fading fast everyday—like a Sunday newspaper left outside past noon. Then Nicole came to my rescue! I realized what I needed to do to get in the creative flow and stay there. By getting unstuck in my work (and in my head), now I'm taking giant steps forward on projects I’d been putting off. And I’m having fun doing them! This was one of the best investments I’ve made in my career. Thank you, Nicole! You’re my new caffeine.
Melissa Almon (USA)
Cowgirl Copy Studio

I feel a lot more confident about my past and future performance - and can now focus on getting the job done well.

I wanted to better direct meetings and take on a more authoritative position. I’m a good collaborator, but sometimes find it difficult to assert myself as the lead in a meeting . My typical approach (over-preparation, very time consuming!) didn’t help.
I could be very open with Nicole and she helped me uncover the solutions and strategies I needed. Nicole’s approach can be applied across a broad range of issues, so I recommend working with her if you encounter any challenge at work.
Elizabeth C.

“I confidently show-up in interviews and have the right words to reason about my career change decision - and I know I will never be stuck in company politics again. Thanks, Nicole for this ease!”

Product Innovation Manager

Nicole helped me change my mindset quickly. She always has the answer. Always has the tools. I'm so much happier now!

I realised that I don’t need a straight career to be satisfied – I just need to look out and ask proactively for the projects I am interested in. If I find myself struggling again, Nicole is going to be my first point of contact.
Nadja S. (Germany)
Packaging Development Engineer

Amplified Career Academy is for action-takers and freethinkers who want to use their expertise to do work that matters.

My goal is to teach you to think, reflect and grow on your own (skills that will serve you in all parts of your life).

You’ll need to be brave, take consistent action and be patient in this opportunity. 

Creating a career you can be proud of requires focus, courage and perseverance. 

But the reward is stepping into a “I can’t believe I get paid to do this” career.

Included in this 6-month experience

  • Live step-by-step trainings and growth exercises. Dive deep into goal setting, mindset work, relationship essentials, problem solving and so much more. These sessions are recorded.
  • Three (3) group coaching sessions each month. These 2-hours are devoted to answering questions on your growth exercises and help you with your day-to-day hot topics.
  • Exclusive online community in Slack. The best thing about this group program is the collective wisdom and support of the women who are part of it. In this dedicated workspace we’ll build more resources and cheer each other on as we embark on this career journey.

You also get ....

  • Accountability. Making change is hard, so is stepping out of our comfort zone. It’s easy to retract and think “what’s even the point?” when the going gets tough (speaking from experience here!). Know that I genuinely care about your progress and creating a career you love. I got you.
  • Personal Q&A videos. Have a question you need an answer ASAP? I’ll dive deep in these custom videos to answer your most burning questions.

Plus, You’ll Get These Bonus Masterclasses:

Bonus #1:

Thrive Through Change Workshop

A 4-hour workshop to give you all the tools and strategies to master organisational change. Both for yourself and when leading a team through change.

Bonus #2:

Positive Leadership Training

A full-day training on how to use the evidence-based tools of Positive Leadership to bring out the best in your team so your employees are more engaged, more productive and happier at work.

Nicole gave me the nudge to break limiting thought patterns and to see my strengths more clearly

What helped me in particular was that we worked out practical steps that I could implement directly.
J.B. (Germany)
Entrepreneur Graphic Design

Nicole can really engage you in the topics - even the ones that need to be handled with care.

She's very good at identifying opportunities and converting them into tangible action.
Steven (Germany)
Manager Quality Assurance

Nicole puts her own spin on conventional topics to ensure you really get something out of it.

She offers a great service and understands how to tailor the sessions to you. It's a pleasure to work with her (plus she's always extremely organised and professional).
Laura (UK)
Development Manager

She adapts to what the mindset needs which makes the sessions a complete success.

With Nicole you get great preparation and guidance when working together.
Sönke (Germany)
Programme Manager Coding & Tracking

Ready to be one of the women inside of this exclusive career transforming experience?

(spots are extremely limited)

Who is Amplified Career Academy for?

Whether you want to become the lead on that next project, position yourself as the best candidate for an upcoming promotion, or you want to lead your team to great success, Amplified Career Academy will help you:

And you’ll do all of this in an introvert-friendly, non-awkward, sleaze-free way that’s aligned with your integrity and values.

Here’s What You Should Know Before You Click “Book Your Call”

In order to get the most out of this LIVE, hand-holding experience, you must be…

1. Established in your career and want to take it up a notch. Whether you’re in an entry-level position or have already taken the first steps on your career path — you’re obviously goal-driven and hungry to succeed. This program is for you if you want a career filled with purpose and accomplishment.

2. Desire to take responsibility. If you’re ready to kick excuses to the curb, bravely seize opportunities and gracefully deal with setbacks … you’re ready to get noticed!

3. Love to learn and grow. You’ll make the most progress if you’re willing to be uncomfortable, continuously test and learn. Fasten your seatbelt, because this program gets you into real-life action from day one!

4. Ready to ‘get out of the lab’. No, I won’t ask you to ‘network’ (fellow introvert here), but I will challenge you to start building relationships across the company. Sharing your expertise through presentations and conversations is the best way to combine talking about what you love and get noticed.

5. Prepared to let go of hoping you’ll get promoted just for doing your job. Let’s be real, the job market can be tough — that’s because the market is tough. Companies need to deliver outstanding products to stay relevant. And the better you serve your company, the more likely they’ll achieve that.

Plus, you need to understand that

non-technical skills are key to becoming the go-to expert

in your company….

And that’s where my expertise comes in!

After just 90 minutes I have a clearer path to move my career forward.

Before working with Nicole I was self-sabotaging, confused and tired. I didn’t know my next best step forward in terms of career, finances, and how to make it all happen. I immediately felt I could trust Nicole and that she brings that optimism that whatever is going on at the moment, it can be handled. I feel much more at ease and see the possibilities ahead - and have a clear action plan to keep me on track.
Kristy Y., USA

I wanted to improve my presence and input in meetings and now feel excited, hopeful, and relieved to have my goal broken down into actionable items. I’m ready to tackle my work!

Being a reflective thinker, first listening, digesting, then sharing, stopped me from sharing more in meetings. I didn’t know how to transform my meeting behavior and share more of my ideas. Even with good intentions, I wasn’t sure where to begin. The coaching session was informative and fun. I now have a plan, steps, supports, and a way to track my progress on my goal! Nicole helped me transform something that felt uncertain, uncomfortable, and even scary into something I can take action on and grow more comfortable in. And I’m excited to do that work!
Technical Writer

The Program Protocol

There are six months of live trainings, group coachings and implementation support to help you develop the skills to build a successful career. Here’s a month-by-month breakdown so you can make sure the program is right for you.

Month 1

Create Your Game Plan

Every lasting personal and professional success is built on a strong foundation. In this month, you’ll clarify your career vision and goals, understand your skills and strengths and identify your values. You’ll craft a unique strategy to accomplish your goal and set yourself apart from your colleagues.

I’ll also help you strengthen your growth mindset, build your optimism muscle and up-level your grit and tenacity to pursue your goal. By the end of this month, you’ll have a rock solid foundation for a career path that matters to you (and people are willing to pay you for).

Month 2

Make Connections That Matter

Human connections are the lifeblood of any thriving career. Sadly, too many women in STEM have a negative association with those relational skills and get sickened by all the “networking” tricks, bragging and having to participate in company politics. In this month, you’ll master the science-based principles and strategies of high-quality human connection: how to influence others and enlist support with integrity and mutual respect. Once you understand the real psychology of human connection, it doesn’t matter who is in front of you or how your career goals change — you’ll thrive.

In this crucial month, you’ll discover the 3 key elements of high-quality human connections, four motivational drivers to address in your communication, why people “do what they do” and how you can meet them where they’re at. We’ll also cover the importance of allyship in today’s working world and how to write emails, give presentations and have conversations that increase recognition for your expertise and leadership potential.

Month 3

Become a Problem Solving Ninja

Problem solving is a must in today’s working world. Plus, it’s a proven strategy to save time, build trust with colleagues and get noticed in your company. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach for every problem. In this month, you’ll learn a strategic and methodical approach to analyse problems, select the right solution and embed it in your daily work — using your analytical thinking power.

You’ll also learn how to “think inside the box” and always find a way forward despite the many constraints you face (low budget, no time, and other blockers). If you’ve ever wondered about the principles behind how I helped multiple teams across disciplines generate lightbulb moments, gain back hours of their time and save the company a lot of money, you’ll love this month.

Month 4

Break Through Your Barriers

Management competencies are still some of the most sought-after skills in any business — and yet most women in STEM neglect them, if they develop them at all. In this month you’ll learn how to strategically and intelligently increase your management competencies and how to leverage the power of career enhancing skills to become the most desirable candidate for an upcoming promotion.

You’ll also learn the right way to drive personal growth and change that feels especially hard. By the end of this month, you’ll have a clear assessment of your transferable skills, an action plan how to develop them further and strategies to overcome what’s holding you back to get recognised as a must-have on any team.

Month 5 & 6

The Five Pillars to Flourish At Work

Feeling good isn’t optional in today’s work life. What’s more, your wellbeing doesn’t just serve your health, it is your best, sustainable productivity booster — supporting you 24/7 to think creatively, collaborate well and playfully navigate the highs and lows of everyday work.

In these two months, you’ll learn everything you need to know to make sure your energy levels are constantly filled: managing drama at work, increasing positivity to enhance your cognitive bandwidth, use your strengths to do more of what you do best each day, infuse your relationships and work with meaning and purpose and create moments of flow that drive accomplishments.

No matter what curveball life and work throw at you, by the end of this month you’ll understand every science-based tool you need for higher productivity, increased performance and greater engagement at work.

Additional Masterclasses

In addition to the core learnings, you’ll also get a comprehensive library of resources for further reading and masterclasses to develop the professional skills you need to create a career that matters.

Thrive Through Change

Struggling to keep up with the amount of change happening in your company? Maybe there are new projects, processes and organisational structures at a constant. If you’re drowning in confusion, this workshop will help you identify the tools you need to thrive through change. You’ll also learn how to lead your team through change without the drama Sally in the office or Joe in accounting.

(Value 499 EUR)

Included with your Amplified Career Academy investment as a fast-action bonus.

Positive Leadership

How can you bring out the best in others, especially your team? This training covers everything you need to know on how to use the evidence-based and scientifically founded strategies of Positive Leadership for greater effectiveness, better work climate and outstanding results.

(Value 599 EUR)

Included with your Amplified Career Academy investment as a fast-action bonus.

More Guidance & Support

If you’re overwhelmed and feel like you’re in over your head with your career journey — I can help. With an upgrade to Amplified Career Academy you’ll get my personal guidance and support in the safe and encouraging environment of 1:1 coaching calls.

The upgraded track includes all trainings, calls and bonuses of the basic track, plus:

Strengths Pack

The best way to grow and create lasting positive change in our lives is by playing to our strengths. 

In this Strengths Pack you and I dive deep to uncover your strengths and how you can use them to fuel your development and accomplish your goals. The Strengths Pack includes:

  • Psychological Strengths Assessment
  • 360° Strength Feedback
  • 60 minute debrief coaching call

1:1 Coaching Calls

During these monthly 45-minute coaching sessions we hop live on Zoom where I’ll provide the best of positive psychology coaching to tackle your toughest questions.

 I record the calls and make them available to you, so you can refer back to them if needed. You’ll also have access to a document where we capture all your insights.

(Almost) Instant Support

Looking for immediate feedback and support? 

Freaking out before your presentation in two days? Got negative feedback and don’t know what to do next? Can’t think your way out of a tricky situation?

With the Upgrades Track you’ll also have Voxer access to me. This means you get to ask additional questions throughout the week and get (almost) instant support from me.

The chance to talk to someone 1:1 is GOLD! When you say what you're thinking out loud you press pause and reflect which helps to get to the heart of an issue.

I wanted to stop the chaos and get into a healthy sleep and work routine - have an evening rather than only working. At first I thought, I don't have time to work with Nicole and talk about time... (!) But when I did it was like I had a GPS in hand. Nicole has a vibe about her that she gets things done. She's very non-judgemental and has a great sense of humour, which made me feel like I could tell her anything.
Kelly C.

So, you might be wondering: “Is Amplified Career Academy right for me?”

Amplified Career Academy is the difference between a lackluster career and one of your dreams—but it isn’t right for everyone. 

Get the answers to the questions women in STEM ask before saying “I’m in!”

Amplified Career Academy is a 6-month career coaching and mentorship program for women in science, tech and engineering who want to get noticed in their company and grab their next career opportunity with total ease.

Whether you want to become the lead on that next project, position yourself as the best candidate for an upcoming promotion, or you want to lead your team to great success, Amplified Career Academy will help you:

🗸 Clarify your goals

🗸 Define your career vision

🗸 Leverage your unique skills and strengths

🗸 Create a sound strategy to achieve your goal

🗸 Persevere when facing set-backs

🗸 Solve any problem with a clear head

🗸 Enlist support in your company

🗸 Create raving fan colleagues and managers

🗸 Overcome any obstacle

🗸 Increase your management competencies

🗸 Learn how to positively lead yourself and others

🗸 Develop career enhancing skills

🗸 Create your career in a way that’s 100% aligned with your values

Without a roadmap or guidance, moving your career forward can be overwhelming. Amplified Career Academy can fast-track your growth and save you years of guesswork and frustration. Amplified Career Academy is intensive and challenging. There are no shortcuts, scripted negotiations or guaranteed results. But there is tons of support, guidance and career-moving strategies.

Everything is online. You have lifetime access to the recordings, so you can go back through the lessons as and when you need it, or catch up on things if you missed a call.

This program is specifically designed to help women in STEM create a career they love – tapping into your unique strengths and abilities and developing the transferable skills to become a sought-after expert.

Amplified Career Academy is action-oriented, science-driven and transformative. I deeply care about you and are in the trenches with you every week.

I’m constantly updating and improving every aspect of the program, based on new discoveries in science, your feedback and insights from the industry.

This is a live program and we’re going through it together in real time. There are 3 training calls each month (60 min) and 3 group coaching sessions (90-120 min). 

I recommend between 3-5 hours per week to participate in the training and coaching calls, complete your growth exercises and engage in the community.

The more focus and dedication you put into Amplified Career Academy, the more you’ll get out of it. 

Where does this time come from? You don’t have to cut out on sleep or family time – the time you invest in the program is replacing 

>> your time spent guessing what to do next, 

>> getting worked up and distracted by negative thought spirals, 

>> and constantly having to repeat what you already said to others.

We typically meet on Zoom every Tuesday and Thursday at 19:00 CET (= 1 PM EST). Sometimes we have to move meetings, e.g. for bank holidays or having the 2-day bonus masterclasses. 

Not to worry though, the full six months are planned ahead, so you can arrange your calendar accordingly. 

To get you started, here are the first dates of training (Tuesdays) and coaching (Thursdays):

17 and 19 November

24 and 26 November

1 and 3 December

8 and 10 December

Then we continue in January 2021.

First, you get everything mentioned above in the Program Protocol above.

But what makes Amplified Career Academy different is that it’s a LIVE experience. It’s action-oriented and designed based on skills I wish had known way earlier and what companies are looking for when hiring employees.

The real value is in the skills and capabilities you’ll develop—and the insights you gain about yourself—through the training and coaching calls.

Other factors that affect how much value you get out of Amplified Career Academy include:

🗸 Your overall clarity and how quickly you make decisions

🗸 How much momentum you have in your career

🗸 Whether you show up for the calls and participate in the conversations in the Slack channel

🗸 Whether you choose to implement everything you learn

The Program Protocol outlines what you learn month by month and in the bonus masterclasses.

Broadly speaking, I don’t cover how to write a resumé or design your LinkedIn profile. I also don’t cover anything dealing with job interview preparation, salary negotiation or anything related to labour law. For all legal ad­vice, you need to consult your attorney.

If you have specific questions, write to

I’m proud to have worked with people in all kinds of disciplines and from a variety of countries.

This includes packaging engineer from Germany, regulatory expert from Spain, forensic scientist or sales person from the UK, data scientist from the US – no matter where you work, you must understand how to work well with others, persevere in the face of set-back and solve problems creatively and create outstanding results for your company.

Nope. There’s only one of me. I’m not handing your career development over to some secret team of coaches. You are paying for ME, my expertise and my coaching. I will make sure you get EVERYTHING you need.  

To do that, I can only take on a handful of serious women. That’s it. 

Amplified Career Academy will be the best investment in your career and your life. It’s hard for me to quantify the retail value, because the Academy is so comprehensive and truly, if you do the work, it will change your life, period. I stand behind that 100%.

You can either choose the payment plan of 6 (six) monthly payments of 247 EUR or save a month when you pay in full (1,235 EUR). Sounds like your future is worth it? Click here to book your slot to chat.


The most fun way you can make an impact on this world is by doing what you LOVE and do best each day…

Because you’re a brilliant, ambitious woman in STEM. You wouldn’t be here, this far down on this page, if you weren’t. Being stuck in the “why’s no one listening to me?” thought loop keeps you from creating that impact. 

And the well meant, but outdated and often conflicting advice from colleagues doesn’t help. 

That’s why we trust in science. Evidence-based strategies and best-practices tested over decades may not be the easy way out but they are the most reliable way to achieve any career (and life) goal you ever set yourself. 

Which leaves you with 3 choices…

(1) You can continue to scrap together bits and pieces of knowledge from different TED talks on impostor syndrome, starting with why or beating procrastination, and hoping it leads to that next promotion (whether it’s the right fit for you or not).

(2) You can invest a ton of time asking friends and mentors what to do or keep guessing and hoping your way through work each day hoping *some day* people will realise how great you are.

(3) You can follow the simple, proven, strategy-packed roadmap ready for you that rests on a solid, science-fueled, tried and tested framework that gets you noticed and makes you a “must have in my team” employee.

If you want a soaring career trajectory before your next summer vacation, get back to loving your work (it’s your fascination with science and tech why you started this in the first place), and #3 sounds intriguing to you…

…then I want to thank you for allowing me to teach you the skills and help you take the action that allows you to grab your next-level career opportunity with absolute ease. I can’t wait to help you make it happen.

Ready to be one of the women inside of this exclusive career transforming experience?

(spots are extremely limited)

Nicole is friendly, compassionate, and looked at my problems holistically. I appreciated her advice on how to approach not just difficulties in the workplace, but also difficulties in life. She taught me how self compassion can be relevant in and out of the office, and how to create positive emotions that radiate into all aspects of our existence.
Anonymous (Los Angeles)
Data Scientist
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