"Colleagues keep calling me to

ask for my expert advice."

Give us 2 months and we'll have you ramp up your work life and make you the go-to expert in your area.

Does this sound like you?

“We have a million things to do. And everyone is trotting along. I don’t know how I can motivate my team and give them the inspiration they need. How can I make them want to follow me?”

“I’ve been in my position for years and everyone always tells me what a valuable team member I am and that I’m doing a great job. But when it comes to making the next step and being rewarded there’s always an excuse. What do I have to do progress in my career?

“How can I work well with others so I get a good response? I often have to use hierarchy or even going over people’s heads to get the work done. Not everyone thinks like a scientist, there often is a political agenda.”

“I took over a team that had a boss in the past who didn’t care much. Now they are used to so many bad habits and I don’t know what to do. Some of them are slow, unwilling, demotivated. They even ignore my decisions and the priorities I set. I’m annoyed and frustrated, because they’re taking up all the time I could spend on actually doing the work. And to top it off, it’s starting to demotivate the rest of the team.”

 “I don’t feel qualified unless I know every aspect of the topic I’m working on. Now I took over a team who are bigger experts than I am. That feels uncomfortable. I can’t win an argument. And I get conflicting information from my boss and my peers as well. It’s stressful, I don’t know where to get the answers from.”

“I can’t rely on a plan. How can I lead my team if the company keeps changing direction? With this ambiguity things can completely change from one minute to the other. It’s hard. I don’t know what we’re working towards.

“There are so many things to keep in mind as a leader. All of a sudden everyone’s eyes are on you and the smallest things have an impact. Often I’m not even aware of the impact my actions have on others. No one is telling me my blind spots. It feels like I’m doing a bad job, like I’m not a good leader.”

“No one prepares you for the tough stuff. Telling someone they’re underperforming and giving negative feedback is hard. How can I stay authentic and true to myself and still get my team to pull their weight?”

You are not alone.

This could be you...

  • sharing your genius and knowledge within your company regularly and dependably, so you build trust and are asked to participate in important projects
  • being sought-after, so key stakeholders come to you ready to take all the advice you have to offer
  • solving people problems using all your analytical skills and scientifically trained thinking power
  • becoming an effective and confident leader of your (project) team so their performance becomes as stellar as yours.

The coaching programme that gets you
the "go talk to her" reputation.

This coaching programme is designed to get you on the fast track towards your professional goals. It’s perfect for you if you can’t stand mediocre standards, low motivation and lack of success.

Through this programme you will…

Develop new skills to excel at work.

An important part of the journey to success is to make full use of and increase your mental skills. You’ll

  • get better in many different situations where your beliefs and attitude might have held you back
  • learn how to to be genuinely clever, tap into your natural strengths and how to set yourself up to wind up effective
  • be able to see things in a different perspective, realise why you're not where you want to be and create the path how you can get there

The practical strategies you’ll develop will ramp-up your work life immediately.

Start building the relationships
that will improve every corner of your life.

Networking is an essential skill in today’s world. And you’re in the right place if you just cringed at the idea of networking. Here’s how we take the pain out of it:

    • get a window into the actions and choices of those you work with/ for
    • see how your introverted qualities can actually help you succeed in connecting with others
    • develop good interpersonal communication skills so you're able to quickly create meaningful relationships
    • learn how to better communicate with people in the workplace
    • get rid of social anxiety and fears and gain self-confidence

    The strategies you’ll develop are applicable to and helpful in all aspects of your life. Soon you’ll be building relationships over coffee or email, manage small-talk, leverage your network to help others and use that same network to help yourself.

    Successfully manage people and get the results
    you and your bosses require.

    Leadership is a skill you can learn. Using your day-to-day challenges, you’ll become a better leader and get things accomplished by 

      • earning your teams' respect and motivating them
      • giving effective feedback as the key to building performance
      • having more understanding and sensitivity to interacting with and bringing out the best in others
      • teaching your team to effectively solve problems so you can get from firefighting-mode to creating more value

      The tools you’ll put in place will help you to respond appropriately in a way that will foster team spirit, eliminate problems and just generally make you a better leader for team.

      Here's what you'll get:

      • uncover your unique strengths and skills
      • become a recognised expert in your area
      • build a supportive network in your company
      • lead your team efficiently without the guess-work and
      • get the time and headspace to do more science

      "I'm interested, how can I get in touch?"

      So glad you asked! 🙂 For any questions or to book your Strategy Call*, fill in your details below.

      *It’s an hour long call where we define your goals, get clear on what you’d like to change, create a strategic, step-by-step roadmap towards your goal AND develop busy-proof actions you can take every day to progress.

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      You’ve come to the right place if…

      Your gut feel and intuition hit a limit.

      The trial-and-error technique is very effortless, feels authentic and sustainable. But sometimes it goes wrong and the mistakes you make cause frustrations in your team. You noticed that empathy isn’t everything and you’re fresh out of ideas when brainstorming with yourself.

      Advice from mentors and colleagues doesn’t do the trick anymore.

      It’s very convenient and quick to go ask others in your company for advice. And often they can help you with their experience and because they know the people around you. But they always seem to give the same advice and you’re in need for something fresh. Sometimes you even ask the wrong person and suffer the consequences.

      You struggle to apply what you learned in leadership trainings and through e-learning.

      E-learning and leadership trainings are good to teach the theoretical background. And often you find some golden nuggets of wisdom in there. But besides taking a lot of time out of your day job, not everything you learn there is useful or applicable to your specific situation. You feel like you have a hard time translating the concepts to real life. Or you flat out forget what you learned the minute you’re back in daily business.

      This is how it works

      We’ll create lasting positive change in your career and your life. I use a tried-and-tested positive psychology coaching framework to help you unlock your confidence, get clarity and boost motivation. Create the change you really want!

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