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How can you deal with pessimists on your team?

Yay, it’s Q&A Monday again and today’s question is about how you can deal with pessimists on your team.   First things first: Moods and emotions are contagious. You probably heard the term „infectious laughter“, so that’s a good thing. Except you are in a very serious meeting with very serious people, then an outburst might be „frowned upon“. But just as good emotions spread, so do the negative and uncomfortable ones. That’s why:   Pessimistic team members, especially when their manners turn cynical and sarcastic, need to be confronted about what they’re doing and how it is affecting the team.   The Pessimist Bonus But first pause for a moment. There can be an upside to someone pessimistic on the team: They can help with caution and realistic assessments of situations. If you include them well in the team dynamics, it enriches your team and they contribute in this

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