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Positive Emotions

How can we be more positive?

Today’s question on Q&A Monday: What are the quickest methods to shift your state from a negative one to a positive one?   It’s a great question and we have all been there. And I’m most susceptible to going down a negative spiral on low-energy days. When didn’t have enough sleep or haven’t exercised in a while and then discover many tiny bombs at work.   But, there’s something we can do – especially because the negative state of mind, bad feelings or shitty mood almost always come from our own thoughts and stories.   Here are 3 tips that I use frequently and teach to teenagers, employees and leaders:   1. Get clear on what is real and what’s your story. Start by writing down what you’re thinking. Of course you can do this in your head, but writing thoughts down frees up mental capacity to then do the

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