Picture this:

You got the opportunity to present a topic you’re passionate about in a meeting. A project or an idea that you think is so relevant for the company to consider and invest more in.

They even extended the circle of stakeholders who will attend which means you’ll get some exposure to the people you want to build your expert reputation with.

You might think that this is your chance, that you really have to use it. Finally an opportunity to unload all the knowledge, ideas and vision you have.
“How fast can I talk to fit everything in that hour?”

But that’s a mistake!

  1. This is not the last chance you’ll ever talk to those people.
  2. More information is not more convincing!

You see, a confused mind always says no. If you’re giving your audience all the information and then some, you’ll leave them completely overwhelmed and paralysed.
(Like me, standing in front of a shelf with fifty-thousand sorts of jam and then leaving without one because I was unable to make a decision).

That means you’ll accomplish nothing in that meeting.

Instead dial your presentation down to a laser focus. Always remember that you’re speaking to one audience, with one goal for them and you decide on one message that you deliver.

You’ll notice that people listen better, are more engaged with your topic, contribute and – here’s the magic – are more willing to take action and support you.

That way, in the long run you’ll

  • build a reputation as an expert in that topic (because you explained it so well
  • are recognised for your leadership potential (clear communication is a key skill!)
  • have the great satisfaction that you’re actually making an impact, because now your ideas get support from your colleagues and move forward.

Keep that in mind this week as you’re presenting, writing emails or exchanging with colleagues and your managers.


Btw … communicating clearly is only one strategy to become the go-to expert! There are a few more introvert-friendly strategies to promote your work (and yourself), click here to grab my five favourite ones!

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