Feeling exhausted, cynical and get nothing done?

When work gets tough and you feel drained and depleted, you may have noticed that you’re not as good in doing your job. You may even care less and less about the company you’re working at. And you’re not alone. Research shows many people feel the same.
What doesn’t help is withdrawing from work. Taking more sick-days than necessary, thinking about quitting… or reducing your effort. They would seem logical, but they fail to replenish your energy and don’t necessarily mean you actually recover from exhaustion.
Instead, try to proactively cope with exhaustion by crafting social resources.
Turning to others for support is a much better strategy than putting your head in the sand. Be careful not to use this as an excuse to go and vent and complain. This just sucks the life out of your colleagues and doesn’t help you at all. 
Here’s what you can do to boost your social support system at work:
  • ask for support: “Hey, can you help me with … Do you have an idea how I could … Whom do you know I could ask about this?”
  • seek for feedback “Hey, I feel I’m stuck – what do you think I could improve?”
  • get advice from colleagues and your manager “Hey, what do you recommend I should do about this?”
  • have a coaching session with your manager “Hey, could you ask me some question that help me think through my situation?”
Doing this will help you replenish your energy and you’ll be able to cope much better with exhaustion. Building this social support also helps you to stay resourceful in future stressful situations.