Smart Tip to Handle Negativity in Group Discussions

Are you a manager? Project manager? Need to work with people to move your tasks forward? Then this sounds familiar: You try to listen to all opinions and incorporate those. “You need to listen to grow” is your philosophy. But, increasingly you find that some people want to overpower you and take the discussion to a negative spin. You feel a need to shut them down but wonder if other people then would not want to share more openly afterwards.
Use a structured approach to promote openness but contain negativeness and toxicity. For example if you want to collect feedback from a group: Asking “what do you think” often invites people to search for the negative. Instead use the four KISS categories:
  1. Keep – What’s working well at the moment?
  2. Improve – What are we doing but struggling with and should get better at?
  3. Start – What are we missing currently and should start doing?
  4. Stop – What are we doing that’s a waste of time/ resources/ is detrimental and should so stop?
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