How to make your team meeting fun

Here’s a short one. If you want to give your regular team meetings a positive makeover, there’s a simple way to do that. If you’re a small sized team, say up to 6, you’ll need about an hour for this.

1. Discover what worked well in the past

Start by looking into what’s worked well for you so far. The question you can ask the team is: 
“Remember the best meeting you ever had. One where you didn’t look on your phone or wished you’d be someplace else. A meeting that was interesting, kept you engaged and energised. What was happening? What made it special?”
It’s important that you guys keep looking for the good things and get really specific on what elements made it so great. Capture them on a flipchart. 

2. Dream about the best meeting 

Now take what you just learned and get crazy optimistic about your future meetings. Ask your team:
“If over the next few months we manage to drastically improve our team meetings – what would that look like? How would they work out? What would other people say about them if they were invited to be a guest?”
Don’t hold back here, dream up a mouth-watering meeting culture that makes people jump out of bed with excitement in the morning.

3. Design the way to get there

Ok, you now know what it’s supposed to look like. So let’s get to work on making this a reality:
“What are three strategies that we can implement, that bring us closer to this awesome team meeting culture?” 
Make sure to think of clear, distinct strategies. Example: “timing”. Then “timing” is one strategy and it might comprise being on time, finishing on time, cancelling on time etc. “Content” might be another strategy and so on. Make sure you’re very precise describing what you’ll be doing.

4. Deliver on your promise

Starting with the next team meeting, you have to put your strategies into action! So ask your team:
“What are the concrete next steps that we can take? To prepare the next team meeting – who will take responsibility of doing XYZ?”
Note it down, hold each other accountable and most importantly: have fun with it!