positive psychology coach Dr. Nicole Tschierske invites you to

stress less + enjoy your work life

where women in science and tech learn to fuel their energy so they find joy at work again.

🎉 “Thank you Nicole, every time I finish your session I feel good and positive.”


This free 3-part masterclass happens on Zoom.

My mindset changed fast! Nicole always has the answer. Always has the tools. I'm so much happier now!
Nadja S. (Germany)
Packaging Development Engineer

Discover the secrets:

The real reasons that are causing you stress and might lead to burnout and how to decrease them.

The top 3 things you can do to better cope with workload and stay motivated (hint: it's not time management).

Why more people and more budget are irrelevant if you don't build up other crucial resources.

🎉 “I really liked the positive approach and message of this MasterClass – build on your strengths to grow yourself and others!”

🎉 “The major thing I learned is the ability to look at things from a different, better perspective so that I can change my attitude towards things that drain me.”

🎉 “It was really interesting to have a feeling about how you can unfold your potential at work. Many aspects could seem intuitive, but they come really in handy.”

This FREE masterclass is for you because…

  • You’re DONE. You know grinding, hustling, staying up late, and working to the brink of a mental melt down aren’t the answer. You know there must be another way.
  • You don’t want to be THAT person anymore: irrational and irritable and living on crisps and jelly sweets.
  • You know that if you don’t do something you end up in total exhaustion, unable to cope and losing all the joy in the work you used to love so much.
  • You’re ready to find your focus again, feeling motivated and engaged in your work – and reap the rewards of your success.
  • You’re determined to step into your power and turn your situation around.
  • You want science-based tools and strategies that fuel your motivation and drive so you can leave work each day feeling satisfied and confident.

Here’s what you’ll discover…

  • How to decrease the stress in your work life without relying on time management.
  • The steps to stop the downward spiral of cynicism. Learn how to get motivated, committed and engaged in your work so you can enjoy it again.
  • Why resources beyond just time and budget are so relevant, especially when times are tough and workload is high.

It’s time to find joy at work again.

NOT to keep hustling until you end up in foetal position on your bed unable to do anything.

It’s time to step into the power you have and build your own less stress strategy.

🎉 “It’s a good start to be able to solve some problems and start finding your strength.”

🎉 “I was a bit skeptical at first considering it’s only 3 hours and there’s a lot to cover, but I was really surprised at how useful the exercises are. I really got a lot from this masterclass and definitely recommend it!”

Nicole puts her own spin on conventional topics to ensure you really get something out of it. She offers a great service and understands how to tailor the sessions to you. It's a pleasure to work with her (plus she's always extremely organised and professional).
Laura (UK)
Development Manager

Meet Your Teacher

Ready to build get noticed at work, get the recognition you deserve and get to the next level in your career with ease? Then Dr. Nicole Tschierske is who you need to work with.

She has helped women in science and tech improve their leadership and personal skills and put themselves in a better professional position by being proactive and asking for what they want. In addition she teaches her clients to solve any problem at ninja-level. Nicole comes recommended if you need a quick push to move your career forward: top executives have been WOW-ed by Nicole’s clients after working with her for only a few months.

When she’s not buried in research papers and books on Positive Psychology and Positive Leadership you can find this scientist-turned-coach taking long hikes in the German countryside or mesmerised by Mary Poppins on the screen.

Nicole can really engage you in the topics - even the ones that need to be handled with care. She's very good at identifying opportunities and converting them into tangible action.
Steven (Germany)
Manager Quality Assurance
With Nicole you get great preparation and guidance when working together. She adapts to what the mindset needs which makes the sessions a complete success.
Sönke (Germany)
Programme Manager Coding & Tracking

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