“I’m Great at My Job, but No One Seems to Notice… Now What?!”

Become a Sought-After Expert in Your Company and Unlock More Opportunities for Projects, Promotions, and Growth

December 2021 - March 2022 | Jump Start Training

If you ever felt a little flat, unmotivated, or frustrated at work you’re not alone. Many women in the science, tech, and engineering fields are great at their job, but still feel overlooked and undervalued—and sometimes wonder why they’re switching on their laptop in the morning.

Maybe you’re not even sure anymore who you are and what you want out of your career. (Or if you do know, you’re unsure how to speak about it with others.)

All of this can take a toll on your confidence, so you sit in meetings quietly, not sharing your thoughts or ideas with others for fear of sounding stupid.

You only interact with people you naturally come in contact with through your work, because networking and small talk don’t come easy to you. And really, you don’t want to feel like you’re bragging, right?

You might be wondering: “Now what?”

You know you need more visibility to get the recognition and the opportunities you deserve. You want others to know you’re the go-to expert in your area. 

With that reputation and recognition, you’ll feel much more secure and convinced of your own strengths, uniqueness, and the value you bring.

You can finally confidently show up in meetings, make those impactful contributions, and even take a more leading role in your work.

You’ll be known and respected by peers and managers across the organisation.

And those new opportunities? They mean growth—and that you get to do more work you really want to do and you enjoy.

Here’s How We Jump-Start This Journey

This 3-month training and mentoring program will help you get more visibility in your company, clearly position yourself as an expert, and believe in your ability and potential. And you’ll get the  encouragement to do all that in a way that is aligned with your values.

Having that credibility and network of supporters makes your whole work easier through better access to resources and connections to decision makers.

You’ll also stop ruminating, doubting and second-guessing yourself. The whole work experience becomes so much more fulfilling. And when you enjoy your work more, you feel more motivated, you’re engaged, and feel like you belong to the team.

In the end, you’ll sense that you set out on a path  of growth and development and endless possibilities.

“I had 3 separate pieces of feedback from managers saying how impressed they were…

Deciding what to focus on in each session made the programme really specific to my needs and situation. I feel much more confident to express my views to senior management… and also really excited for the future challenges that will come my way.”

Liz, Scientist, Bristol

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“Now I feel much more confident about the things I’m good at and what I want to achieve.

I wasn’t sure if coaching was for me. But Nicole is a scientist, too, and totally down to earth, that’s what I was looking for. She doesn’t preach but teaches tools which helped me help myself. Now I know a lot more about myself, why I react to certain situations, and what I can do to change that. It feels liberating.”

Friederike, Chemist, Germany

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What’s Included With the Jump-Start Training Program & How Does It Work?

In this small-group training and mentoring program we’ll have regular virtual calls. These calls are a mix of training and exercises that are valuable for you to learn and practice, and discussion of any hot topics or concerns you may have at the time.

All  are live,hosted on Zoom and start at 19:00 CET (that’s 1 PM EST). We plan ca. 90 to 120 minutes per call.

Here’s the schedule:

  • 2nd DecemberWelcome & On-Boarding
  • 9th DecemberGoals & Strategy
  • We break for the year-end, but you’ll get small tasks to keep moving forward.
  • 5th JanuaryStrengths & Uniqueness
  • 12th JanuaryMindset
  • Implementation week.
  • 26th JanuaryMaking Connections
  • 2nd FebruaryNetwork Building
  • Implementation week.
  • 16th FebruarySpecial Requests
  • Implementation week.
  • 2nd MarchSpecial Requests
  • 9th MarchReview & Good-Bye

Implementation week: These are weeks without calls so that you have time to implement your insights and new skills in real life.

Special Requests sessions: This is not a cookie-cutter training program. I prefer a flexible approach to respond to your needs so it’s hyper-relevant for your current situation. These Special Requests sessions are placeholders for any topics you need customised training and mentoring on, bespoke to your needs.

All sessions are recorded so you can catch up if you missed one, or rewatch in case you want to deepen the learning. You’ll also have the opportunity to submit questions upfront even if you can’t make a session.

I know you’re busy, so the ‘homework’ in between calls is very limited. My goal is to help you find your clear next steps and learn new skills during our calls, so you can put it into action right away.

And to lighten the load even more, there’s no additional group on social media platforms to keep up with. I will check in with you once a week though to see how it’s going and make sure you have all the support you need.

About Me & How I Work

Hi, I’m Dr. Nicole Tschierske.

I’m passionate about helping overlooked women in STEM become influential, so they can confidently unlock new opportunities for themselves, get their employers saying “we need you on this job!” and make a bigger impact. That way my clients strategically turn their career frustrations into a renewed love for their work.

I know these strategies work and the skills we build through this work are effective, because I’ve done it for myself: Build an expert reputation inside a company. And I’ve helped other women to achieve that, too.

It’s important for me that my clients find their own unique way of reaching their goals. That’s why in this program there’s a lot of space to talk through their concerns in a safe environment. It’s designed to give you custom tools and strategies that fit your needs—plus the guidance and accountability to implement what you learn.

About You & Your Career

You’ve got some experience in your job—at least 1 or 2 years of experience in the workforce and 2-3 months into your current role.

You have a few achievements to show for. You might not have made major career jumps… but you feel like you can rely on the value you deliver for the organisation—or your ability to use your strengths and skills to rise to new challenges.

You have some improvement ideas for your work life. You didn’t come this far to only come this far. Whether it’s finding a new position in your company, being selected on a project, or reaching a new level of excellence and confidence in your current role—this training will help you.

Ready for Jump-Start?

The investment for the Jump-Start Training Program is 900 EUR. Payment plans are available.

Enrolment closes 30. November 2021. Seats are limited.

You might be wondering…

I’ve read books, watched TED Talks, and worked with a mentor—none of this got me real results. Will this really work this time?

As with anything in life, there’s no guarantee for a certain outcome like “get promoted in three months”. It would be grossly unethical to promise that. What I can promise is that this program doesn’t give you generalised advice and concepts that are hard to translate to your situation. That’s why we’re life on the calls together, to talk it through.

If you need a more examples about what it’s like to work with me—and what others like you have achieved—read the detailed client case studies from:

I don’t feel ready and don’t have the time or mental capacity at the moment.

It’s true, sometimes we just have too much going on to add yet another thing. So how can you decide? I recommend checking in with yourself about the trade-offs.

If you decide not to join the program, what will happen? 

You might continue on your current path, returning to work each day increasingly frustrated. I’ve heard from women that they went as far as finding a new employer—only to discover that they faced similar challenges there. 

What if you decide to join the program? Of course, you’d have to make some time to join the calls, think your strategy through, and take action that’s outside your current comfort zone. 

I always say “Which problem do you want to have?” because almost every decision we take in life comes with consequences. The question is just which are we willing to live with.

What if I can’t make a call live?

All calls are recorded, so you can catch up on what we talked about. You can also submit any burning questions upfront that I’ll then answer on the call.

The real magic happens though when we get to talk to each other, so blocking out the time for as many of the calls as possible is the best way to participate.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes. You can choose to either pay in full or over three months. 

And yes, you and your career is worth that investment. I once had a client who was so hesitant on spending money on coaching for herself as she thought it was an ‘over-indulgent luxury’. But then her partner went off to buy a new game console which triggered a completely new perspective for her: Of course, her capabilities and with that her future are worth investing in!

What support can I get beyond the Jump-Start program?

In addition to the weekly check-ins and our live calls, you have the option to purchase a follow-up coaching session with me before 31st May for 250 EUR. We can review your strategy and progress, help you push through roadblocks, and solidify your next steps.

Enrolment closes 30. November 2021. Seats are limited.

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