Do you ever watch romantic comedy movies? Then you probably know the typical plot. Boy loves the girl (or the other way around), but doesn’t dare to approach her or ask her out. He’s her best friend or a colleague and so wishes to be with her, be part of her life. 

Then one day, when he has almost mustered up the courage (years have passed by) to say something, she meets another guy. They fall in love.

She marries the other man and the other one forever wishes he had a word when there was still a chance.

Often those movies make the woman miserable in her marriage and get a divorce, so her friend has a second chance at winning her heart. Which he always does.

It’s kinda like you not saying something in a meeting:

  • “I don’t want to intrude”
  • “now’s not the right time”
  • “what if they laugh at me if I say something stupid”
  • “but I want it to be perfect first”
  • “I only speak up if I really have something to say”

You hold the same limiting thoughts about yourself in a meeting like that boy in the movie I described earlier. And that makes you keep quiet.

Then you leave the meeting and – like so many times before – wish you had said something. Especially because those statements others made or questions they asked – they were the exact same you had in mind. 


So this week, don’t be like that boy! Stop holding back. Unmute yourself (and your mic) and share your thoughts. Don’t wait for others to mess it up. 😉

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