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performance reviews

Every year, most employees go through a stressful ritual where they are subjected to anonymous criticism as a justification for their raise.

"Everyone hates the process, and people walk away from the meeting so angry, disillusioned, demotivated."

"This performance review stuff is such know it and I know it. It just ends up hurting everyone in the organization."

Here's the worst case...

Traditional performance reviews have become

  • tools of intimidation rather than authentic ways of helping improve performance
  • one-sided monologues
  • a way to impose bloated objectives that truly defy reason
  • a way to measure by seemingly meaningless metrics that don’t really have much to do with the real purpose of the job

and managers use communication styles that seriously impede innovation and performance.

Who wants that?

No one.

No one wants to be in a workplace where new ideas are stifled and squashed, and folks are afraid to challenge the status quo or engage in any meaningful dialogue with their managers.

No one wants a boss who asks you for your opinion and bites your head off when you start to offer it.

While you can't change the entire performance management system in your company, you can make a positive difference with your employees every day.

Join me for a bite-sized workshop to learn

  • what you need to do to put your employee's brain into learning mode
  • how to bring out the best in your employee by tapping into their natural strengths
  • what it takes to motivate your employee without stretching the budget
  • how to set goals that work better than SMART ones
  • which feedback is truly sparking a virtuous cycle

These are pick-and-mix tools you can sprinkle into your appraisals and other performance conversations. Put them to use and you’ll trigger a more positive mood and energised attitude, greater engagement, better performance and bigger achievements in your employee.

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I know time is precious, so we’ll keep the call to 30 minutes tops.

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