Get a Clear Action Plan to
Progress in Your Career

(instead of hoping your STEM career
will make a magical leap all by itself!)

Are you a woman in STEM with ambitious goals for your career but you’re stalled before you’ve even begun?

What you need are a few concrete steps to follow.

The right goals will help you:

Develop more confidence in meetings, engaging with senior management and collaborating with colleagues outside your team.

Take on more responsibility and gain greater support for your ideas.

Know you’re making an impact and adding value to the company.

In the “Plan for Progress” workshop you’ll discover the signature 3-step process my clients use to create a clear path to achieve their ambitious, long-term goals …

You will walk away from this class with:

More focus and clarity around one primary target goal so you don’t get pulled in a million different directions.

The #1 thing that makes the difference between wanting your goals to happen and true accomplishment.

Tools to build the resilience you need to face and overcome the inevitable challenges of work and not to doubt yourself in difficult situations ( makes building your confidence a breeze ).

This is what happens after the workshop:

Hey, I’m Nicole.

Hey, I’m Nicole. For years, I was guessing  my way to a successful career so I get your situation: You want to show the world what you’re capable of, have a greater impact in your company and make progress in your career.

Then I learned the science-based tools to help me create the passion and perseverance I need instead of wondering “Where do I start?” and feeling pretty clueless. 

I created the “Plan for Progress” workshop after more and more clients said they wanted a clear action plan to follow to achieve their goals, so I can share what I’ve learned with you. 

Everything changed for them once I coached them through this 3-part process. From speaking up more to staying focused and keeping their work on track.

Sounds like something you want for yourself?

Get the “Plan for Progress” workshop and make sure you achieve your goals!

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