1:1 coaching

Uncover your brilliant problem solving skills

Coaching helps

  • solve leadership problems, conflicts and crises.
  • get clear on what’s truly important.
  • making a decision.
  • breaking bad habits.
  • improving your work-life balance.

Get a coach when

  • everything seems unstructured and overwhelming.
  • you want to conquer  overcome self-doubt.
  • you need to find a sense of meaning, purpose and vision in your life.
  • you want to boost self-motivation and problem-solving to achieve the goals you set yourself.

Any of this sound familiar?

  • feeling stressed and pushed around
  • blocked by perfectionism
  • notorious people pleaser
  • lack of composure in critical situations
  • unhappy at work
  • can’t say no
  • lack of motivation
  • don’t know how to push through resistance
  • negative thoughts and feelings
  • self-doubt… where’s my confidence?
  • don’t know what my next career move is
  • I want to get to the next level of leadership
  • looking for new challenges
  • strengthen my leadership
  • have more time for recreation
  • need more work-life harmony
  • want to be persuasive with important stakeholders
  • want to delegate more
  • deal better with negative feedback
  • be more patient
  • leadership problems
  • issues with my boss/ employee/ peers/ customer/ supplier
  • always the same people that trigger me
  • conflict of my goals
  • Should I leave my boss/ job/ city?
  • What area of interest should I pursue next?
  • What should I do about my team?
  • Should I quit working?

What if instead you could ...

Discover your strengths and learn to use them in new ways to solve problems and achieve your goals. Develop a growth mindset to learn and develop faster and become the go-to person in your area.

Discover your strengths and learn to use them in new ways to solve problems and achieve your goals. Develop a growth mindset to learn and develop faster and become the go-to person in your area.

Get strategic about your life and career development and develop the grit to achieve your long-term goals. With purpose, resilience and self-compassion you’ll keep going even in the face of setbacks.

Become a great people leader and enjoy seeing your team motivated and happy because of it. You’ll be proud knowing you belong to the team – their success will be yours.

J.B. (Entrepreneur)

M.F. (Regulatory Expert)

Why it's special.

I fuse the evidence-based tools of Positive Psychology with best-practice strategies of advanced problem solving.

You’ll have time for deep reflection and put your insights straight into action.

I know that you’re incredible, capable and have what it takes. Let’s unlock all of that.

How it works.

We’ll have a video call via Zoom talking (English or German) about what matters most to you. I’ll keep asking you lots of (weird) questions, offer a new perspective or we’ll do some exercises when helpful.

Either way, you’ll end up with a ton of insight that does the #1 thing it needs to: Get you into action & make your team work.

rates and packages.

Before you commit to anything, we’ll have a brief call to get to know each other. No obligations.

This might be important:

  • Check with your HR department. Your company may pay for coaching or reimburse you.
  • While coaching isn’t covered by insurance, it may be tax deductible.

Small Coaching Package
600 EUR, 4 x 60 minute coaching calls

Three Month Intensive
1100 EUR, 8 x 60 minute coaching calls


  • call recording upon request,
  • customised additional resources,
  • full email support for ad-hoc requests.

(I occasionally offer single sessions – subscribe to my email list here if you want to be notified.)

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Nadja S. (Packaging Development Engineer)

Imagine you could

  • replace difficult problems and dissatisfaction with happiness, optimism and ease
  • feel in control of your life and your team, speak up, be more assertive and value yourself
  • be comfortable setting boundaries
  • have a new sense of control over your work life and be excited for the future
  • be confident and motivated to pursue what you want
  • believe in yourself and your abilities
  • be more assertive and master difficult conversations
  • make a positive impact and connect with the people around you

1:1 coaching is right for you if...

Your gut feel and intuition hit a limit.

The trial-and-error technique is very effortless, feels authentic and sustainable. But sometimes it goes wrong and the mistakes you make cause frustrations in your team. You noticed that empathy isn’t everything and you’re fresh out of ideas when brainstorming with yourself.

Advice from mentors and colleagues doesn’t do the trick anymore.

It’s very convenient and quick to go ask others in your company for advice. And often they can help you with their experience and because they know the people around you. But they always seem to give the same advice and you’re in need for something fresh. Sometimes you even ask the wrong person and suffer the consequences.

You struggle to apply what you learned in leadership trainings and through e-learning.
E-learning and leadership trainings are good to teach the theoretical background. And often you find some golden nuggets of wisdom in there. But besides taking a lot of time out of your day job, not everything you learn there is useful or applicable to your specific situation. You feel like you have a hard time translating the concepts to real life. Or you flat out forget what you learned the minute you’re back in daily business.

The Coaching Steps

1. Set direction.

  • understand what brought you here
  • get clear on the root of your challenges
  • clarify the goal for your future that is fuelled by your motivation

2. Tap into your strengths.

  • identify your core strengths and resources
  • find opportunities to use these strengths achieve your goal
  • build confidence for the way ahead

3. Create a roadmap.

  • uncover strategies to realise your vision
  • plan for obstacles and how to navigate them
  • enlist all support you need

4. Deliver lasting change.

  • reflect and learn as you move toward your goal
  • build busy-proof habits that help you transform your work
  • anchor the change to make it long-lasting

Ready for your breakthrough?

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M.F. (Regulatory Expert)