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Developing strong relationships

Good relationships are the foundation of teamwork and success. In these coaching modules your team will

  • truly get to know each other: communication styles and skills, what they love doing and what they'd like to achieve
  • learn how to recognise each other and to be respectful, minimising everyday incivility that might undermine the relationships
  • develop a positive attitude to stay curious, compassionate and caring with each other - a basis for successfully managing conflict

These coaching modules are perfect for teams who

  • just got together and want to get to high performance fast
  • are highly diverse in their composition or have to work virtually
  • need a revival after conflict or other tough times (e.g. restructuring)

Accelerating growth and development

Quick adaptation to changing demands and the need for greater efficiency both can be met by increasing the team’s ability to develop:

  • build a growth mindset and discover how learning goals can help the team to meet any challenge they face
  • learn how to have kind, but honest, conversations with feedback that improves how the team works together and the performance of every team member
  • discover and develop the strengths of all team members and use shared job crafting to allow everyone to do what they do best

The growth and development coaching modules work best for teams that

  • reach the plateau of their last growth curve and want to get to the next level
  • are developing slowly because of fear of failure
  • want to use agile ways of working and tools of self-organising teams

Navigating change successfully

With the organisational world changing faster and more often, some teams find it hard to keep their productivity and enjoyment of work. To help them along, these coaching modules will:

  • explain how change affects our brains and how we can better deal with negative thoughts and uncomfortable emotions
  • teach how to develop helpful mindsets and what behaviours and actions the team can take to successfully move through the changes
  • prepare the team also for upcoming challenges that are outside their immediate circle of control or influence

Use these coaching modules for your team if they

  • face organisational changes, such as restructuring, mergers or downsizing
  • have to start working in new processes and with new technology
  • your industry is highly impacted by digitalisation and new technologies

Creating a joint future

The best way to bring lasting, positive change into organisations is to co-create it with your employees. In this workshop series the team will:

  • uncover its purpose and discover its strengths
  • identify future opportunities and aspirations 
  • develop viable strategies to achieve their vision and deliver results

Teams will benefit from this workshop series, if they want to

  • actively shape their own future within the company
  • build a tight-knit community with a shared vision
  • thrive when heading into their future.

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