Team Coaching

Team Coaching is a brilliant way to kick-start or improve how you work together. If you spend a full day or a few hours – it’s well invested time.

What’s going on with your team?

“We’ve just been through a reorganisation. The new team is still a bit shaken I want to help them create good new ways of working together.”

“There’s a big change coming in our company and we don’t know yet how it will affect our team. The people in my team deal with change differently. Some accept it, others reject it.

  • I want them to discover inside themselves what they can do to get through the change. This means understanding what happens during change, how your own mood is affecting others and how they can stick together as a team.
  • It’s important that they become a bit more open to the change and understand how they can deal with the uncertainty.”

“My team is facing an increase in workload and they sometimes feel helpless and overwhelmed. I would like them to learn how they can deal with circumstances outside their area of influence. They should get some tools for tough times.”

“Mostly my team works well together. But there are some who don’t understand what it means to continuously develop. They even don’t want it. This is difficult as the team is not maturing to succeed in this increasingly challenging environment.”

“I’ve taken over a large team and they’ve been through a lot of changes. Now it’s time to regroup and build a vision for our future. I want them to get excited about working here and build our future together.”

Here’s what Team Coaching will bring…

  • Building one team where people support each other and they’re sticking together.
  • Creating a vision for the team that everyone is excited about and that motivates people to do their best work to achieve it.
  • Becoming more agile by knowing how to learn and adapt quickly and without fear of making mistakes.
  • Being resilient during change and having the grit to pull through hard times.
  • Discover strengths in the team and find meaning in their work.
  • Learning to think outside the box and solve problems creatively.

Let's make your team work!

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What others say

I asked Nicole to attend my manager’s meeting to run a session on wellbeing. The meeting comprised of scientists, many of whom are usually quite sceptical to such topics! However, from the start of the session Nicole was able to get everyone on board. She put her own spin on it, and ensured that everyone was able to get something out of it.

Rather than focus on the usual aspects of wellbeing, Nicole tailored the session to the team. This allowed each person to discover their individual personal strengths and how to use them for wellbeing. I cannot wait to put some of the many ‘Aha’ moments I experienced into practice.

I am always confident in Nicole’s ability to deliver. She offers a great service and understands how to tailor the sessions to individual needs. This, and her great interpersonal skills, makes it a pleasure to work with her. She is always extremely organised and professional. I know if Nicole is running a session for me or the team, we are in good hands!

Development Manager, Bristol
May 2019