What can we do every day to build self-confidence?

Hey there, it’s Q&A Monday again and today’s question is “What can we do every day to build self-confidence?”
With a zillion self-help books available, here’s what works for me:

(1) focus on what I have rather than what I’m lacking.

What are my strengths and skills? What am I naturally good at? What have I learned already? Whatever challenge I have in front of me, I try to approach it from what I know and can do instead of what I’m not good at (yet).

(2) not measure my own success and progress on somebody else’s ruler.

Comparing yourself to others is tempting, but almost never leads to something productive. Typically you wind up feeling “less than” or “better than” – none of which is a good place to be. We are unique in our abilities and circumstances and we’re exactly where we’re meant to be.

(3) find options and solutions rather than fixating on what’s not working.

Anything you try to figure out is an iterative process and just because what you’ve tried the past days and months isn’t working doesn’t mean that nothing will. If nothing goes right, go left!
Have a great week!
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