Here’s a big one on Q&A Monday: What should a leader do about an employee who is rude to other team members?
I feel very strongly about this: Make ’em stop!
Workplace rudeness and incivility like this is on the rise and it comes at great costs. All the time we spend fighting or withdrawing from interactions with “toxic people” is time we’re not productive. Not only that, we’re suffering. 
A researcher who spent much time on this is Christine Porath. You can watch her TED talk here:
You can have an open conversation with your entire team about incivility and its cost. Try this:
  1. Ask each team member to (anonymously) take the free test here:
  2. Then reflect together: What are you doing well individually and as a team? Where would you like to improve?
  3. Come up with team rules that help bring more kind and respectful behaviour to the workplace.
  4. Hold each other accountable.
Of course, if you witness the rude behaviour, you should
  • give feedback: Describe the situation, the behaviour you observed and the effect it had. Also set expectations on what behaviour you’d like to see in the future.
  • set boundaries: Be very clear about what is ok and what is not ok. Demonstrate clear consequences if the boundaries continue to be violated.
Have a great week!
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