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Need a quick push to move your career forward? Work with Nicole! I'm now able to solve problems with confidence. This is the real deal!

This programme has put me into a better professional position and I've improved my leadership and personal skills quite a lot. The applicability and the results are real!
M. F. (Spain)
Regulatory Expert

You’re ready to make great contributions at work and reap the rewards.

Enough with being overlooked and undervalued.

It’s time for you to be recognized by your employer, snag those coveted projects, and become the go-to leader in your industry.

This is for you if you're...

Ready to take responsibility.

Don’t ask for empowerment – step into the power you already have. If you’re ready to kick excuses to the curb, bravely seize opportunities and gracefully deal with setbacks … you’re ready to get noticed!

Established in your career and want to take it up a notch.

Whether you’re in an entry-level position or have already taken the first steps on your career path – you’re obviously goal-driven and hungry to succeed. Book a call to build a career filled with purpose and accomplishment.

Willing to invest in yourself.

‘Nuff said. Women who work with me have some serious skin in the game and invest the time, money and energy that gets them the recognition they deserve. Wanna be my next success story?

How I help women in science and tech
wow senior executives:

Amplified Career Academy

Claim the recognition you deserve and magnetically attract your dream career. A 6-month intensive group program to get you noticed and recognised as an essential expert.

By the end you’ll have a network of supporters at work and feel ready (no impostor syndrome!) for that next career step. It’s your path to an “I can’t believe I get paid for this” career.

Instant Problem Solver

Get a clear solution to that problem that’s keeping you from moving forward in your career. 

During this 90-minute 1:1 coaching session, we’ll co-create your exact next steps. You’ll have a clear plan and gain problem-solving skills you can use again.

Career Accelerator

Set a career-accelerating goal and know how to achieve it in two months.

A 1:1 VIP Coaching Pack to help you leap forward in your career in the next 2 months. You’ll develop a clear goal that pulls you forward and create multiple strategies to help you achieve it.

Nicole helped me find specific strategies within myself that got me excited about projects I’d been dreading.

I was stuck in my own quicksand. I wasn’t meeting the deadlines I gave myself, and my work energy was fading fast everyday—like a Sunday newspaper left outside past noon. Then Nicole came to my rescue! I realized what I needed to do to get in the creative flow and stay there. By getting unstuck in my work (and in my head), now I'm taking giant steps forward on projects I’d been putting off. And I’m having fun doing them! This was one of the best investments I’ve made in my career. Thank you, Nicole! You’re my new caffeine.
Melissa Almon (USA)
Cowgirl Copy Studio

Nicole helped me change my mindset quickly. She always has the answer. Always has the tools. I'm so much happier now!

I realised that I don’t need a straight career to be satisfied – I just need to look out and ask proactively for the projects I am interested in. If I find myself struggling again, Nicole is going to be my first point of contact.
Nadja S. (Germany)
Packaging Development Engineer


Except for being fresh out of uni, my expert framework applies to all career levels: entry-level position, seasoned expert or in a leadership role.

A polished resumé is nice, but it’s not what’s going to get you a dream career. Checking all the boxes isn’t a guarantee for lasting success. My clients build a foundation of leadership and problem-solving skills that fuel their achievements. Reliably.

Everything is online. I always coach via Zoom. If you want, we can record your calls for future reference. You’ll also get access to all the notes we take during our sessions, so no insight gets lost.

I’m proud to have worked with people in all kinds of disciplines and from a variety of countries.

This includes packaging engineer from Germany, regulatory expert from Spain, forensic scientist or sales person from the UK, data scientist from the US – no matter where you work, you must understand how to work well with others, persevere in the face of set-back and solve problems creatively and create outstanding results for your company.

Nicole is friendly, compassionate, and looked at my problems holistically. I appreciated her advice on how to approach not just difficulties in the workplace, but also difficulties in life. She taught me how self compassion can be relevant in and out of the office, and how to create positive emotions that radiate into all aspects of our existence.
Anonymous (Los Angeles)
Data Scientist

Get the 5 non-awkward strategies to promote your work and get noticed.

Does “networking” make you cringe? Grab these introvert-friendly strategies so your work gains the recognition it deserves—and finally get noticed!